Feb 102013

It has taken me longer than I had hoped to dive into some projects with the Electric Imp. I got my dev kit a few months back but wasn’t able to commission the Imps until the iOS app was approved. Now that the April boards and the Impees are readily available I decided to start with a simple project.

The Hannah has a temperature sensor built into the board so I started playing around with recording temperature from the Hannah and pushing it to Cosm for logging. Since I had plenty of TMP36 temperature sensors and some photocells I began building a series of temperature and light intensity loggers with the April boards I have.

April with Temp and Light Sensor_bb

Electric Imp Code

The datastreams are being sent to Cosm by adding a node in the Electric Imp Planner.

Cosm Console

Electric Imp Forums – Imp Temperature Logger with Cosm Graph for the April
Github – April Temp Sensor
Electric Imp Developer Wiki – Cosm Vimp

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  1. thanks for sharing! I think the only issue is that the TMP36 in the schematic/drawing is shown with the wrong connections. Proper connections are reversed for positive and negative. Looking at it as you have it , you connected it as GND,Signal,3.3 but it should be 3.3,Signal,GND.

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