Jul 052013
Fishing on the Fourth of July

For the past 10 years or so, on the Fourth of July, I spend the day fly fishing. Every year I go to the same place, Suicide Hill, in the Woodson K. Woods Memorial Conservation Area.     Past years it has been rainy and relatively cold and I couldn’t stay long in the cold […]

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Feb 102013
Electric Imp Temperature and Light Intensity Logger

It has taken me longer than I had hoped to dive into some projects with the Electric Imp. I got my dev kit a few months back but wasn’t able to commission the Imps until the iOS app was approved. Now that the April boards and the Impees are readily available I decided to start […]

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Feb 082013

I haven’t pushed any posts out in a few weeks but I intend to finish a write up on my Electric Imp Temperature and Light Sensors connected to Cosm this weekend. I’m in the middle of programming a Raspberry Pi to display the video feeds from my networked security cameras on a 7″ HDMI monitor […]

Jan 052013
Candle Light Flicker with Photocell on Arduino

I’ve been attending a series of Arduino workshops at my local hackerspace, Arch Reactor. The last workshop focused on blinking LEDs but that was a little bit too simple for me so I took it a little further with some ideas spread across the internet. My project for this week was to imitate a candle […]

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Jan 012013
Removing Lauchpad Apps With Automator

When Lion was released I was excited about the idea of Launchpad. After upgrading however, I found that Launchpad had hundreds of apps listed. Everything in my Applications folder was be displayed with no way of removing them. This included all the uninstallers and other useless apps that I did not want cluttering up my […]

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Jan 012013

A new year, a new me. I’ve been working on a lot of difference projects lately and have wanted to record and share my progress in the hopes of helping or inspiring others with their own projects. I would have started this a long time ago but I’d always thought that if I was going […]

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